Who do I need to advise that I have moved into a property?

  • Gas Company (if applicable)
  • Electricity Company
  • Fresh Water Company
  • Sewerage Company
  • Oil Company (if applicable)
  • Calor Gas Delivery Company (if applicable)
  • Local Council for Council Tax
  • Insurance Company
  • TV Licence – Contact Post Office

How do I change the utilities into my name?

As a tenant you will be responsible for the payment of utilities. You need to inform the appropriate companies that you have moved into the property and that you are now responsible for payment of the supply.

What do I need to tell them?

You will need to tell them the following:

  • The property address
  • Your name(s)
  • The tenancy start date
  • The meter reading if applicable

If applicable you can close the supply at your previous address at the same time.

You can call the numbers below to ascertain who supplies your property:

Gas: Meter Number Helpline - 0870 608 1524 www.britishgas.co.uk

Electricity: Regional Electricity Distribution - 0800 029 4285 www.edfenergy.com/movinghome

Once you have found the company who supply the property, you can then set up an account with them or change to your choice of supplier.

Oil or Bottled/Tank gas: You should set up an account with the companies you may wish to use. Oil and gas tanks must be re-filled at the end of the tenancy to the same level at the start of the tenancy. Photographic evidence of this should be detailed on your inventory. Oil and gas suppliers can be found in the local directory or internet search. Prices can differ so it may be worth shopping around. You should check the levels regularly as if your oil tank runs dry this can result in having to have the system flushed by a plumber which will be an additional expense.

Geoff Boorman – 01892 570932 (a local supplier) www.geoffboorman.co.uk

Water companies

South East Water Tel: 0333 000 0001


Mid Kent Water Tel: 0333 000 0365


Southern Water Tel: 0330 303 0368


Thames Utility Water Tel: 0845 9200 800


Council Tax Offices

Sevenoaks District Council Tel: 01732 227000

Argyle Road, Sevenoaks, Kent. TN13 1HG


Tonbridge and Malling Council Tel: 01732 844452

Gibson Building, Gibson Drive, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent. ME19 4LZ


Tunbridge Wells Council Tel: 01892 526121

Mount Pleasant Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. TN1 1RS