Gas Appliances

Gas Safety regulations apply to both landlords and tenants in rented property. In order to comply with the regulations, it is necessary:

  • If you notice brown or sooty build-up on any gas appliance, smell gas or suspect gas escape this must be reported immediately to Cavendish or the Landlord AND your gas supplier. The number of the gas emergency service is 0800 111 999.
  • That ventilators installed in the premises for the correct operation of the gas appliance should not be blocked.
  • That safety checks be carried out every 12 months on any gas appliance in the property by a Gas Safe Register approved engineer. As the tenant you will be required to allow entry with reasonable notice for this purpose.

Electrical Appliances

For safety reasons, you are requested to visually inspect all electrical appliances on a regular basis. In use, cables and flexes can become frayed and casings broken. You should contact Cavendish or the Landlord as soon as possible should any defect be discovered or repair becomes necessary. As the tenant you are responsible for keeping all electric lights in good working order and in particular to replace all fuses, bulbs, or fluorescent tubes, as and when necessary. Any replaceable or disposable filters, vacuum bags, or other consumable items in appliances and fittings should be replaced as reasonably required and at the end of the tenancy.

Open Fires

If the property has a wood burning stove or any open fire we strongly advise you ensure there is a working carbon monoxide detector in that room and ensure it is regularly tested. You should also ensure that you have permission from your landlord to use any open fires and ensure the chimney has been swept before lighting any fires. You should also have the chimney swept prior to checkout, if you have used the fire, and evidence of this may be requested so ensure you keep a receipt from your chimney sweep.

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