Portfolio Management is an area of expertise at Cavendish. We class a portfolio Landlord as a Landlord with 2 or more properties in the same ownership using any of our services.

We manage many portfolios of varying sizes and ownerships. From substantial mixed residential and commercial portfolios, family trust portfolios consisting of 10s of properties in split family ownership to new entrepreneur landlords who are building up portfolios from two properties.

As a portfolio Landlord you will benefit from being invited to an annual meeting. During this time we will review each of the properties, discussing any maintenance works and any proposed refurbishments. It is also an opportunity to review all the rents. We can compare rents and look to consider and discuss rent reviews over the upcoming 12 months. This also gives you as a Landlord the opportunity to discuss the service we have provided to you and consider any ways that we can be of further assistance. We will also discuss any future plans for adding to the portfolio and will be able to offer current market advice to assist with this planning.

We can often offer fee discounts to our portfolio Landlords depending on the size and level of service required. We are also very experienced at taking over portfolios that are currently being managed by other agents.

Please do contact us if you would like an initial meeting to discuss this service.