If Cavendish are managing your property, then quarterly inspections will be carried out. You will be given notice prior to these inspections. We are looking to check that the property is being well maintained and also to check on maintenance matters for the Landlord such as exterior decoration, garden management etc. It is also a good opportunity for you to advise us of any issues you are having.

Damp and condensation

Damp can be a problem in properties where there are many occupants or if the property is not adequately ventilated and heated. You should ensure that any extractor fans are left connected and are properly used. It is also important to open windows as necessary to encourage an adequate flow of fresh air through the property after bathing or showering in order to allow damp air a chance to escape. The hanging of washing and wet clothes will also create large amounts of damp air and again, it will be important to provide adequate ventilation in such circumstances.

The presence of mould, dark spots or stains, especially in bathrooms and other wet areas, is a common sign of inadequate ventilation and it is important to prevent further spread at an early stage before severe and irreversible staining takes place. Mould and similar stains should be removed by wiping the affected areas with a fungicide or mild bleach in accordance with the manufactures instructions, but do test on a small area first. If the problems persists then this should be reported to Cavendish or the Landlord.


During the tenancy, you will be responsible for keeping the property free of any pests and also for any damage that might occur as a result.


You are requested to bring any disrepair, damage or defect in the property to the attention of Cavendish or the Landlord as soon as possible.

Frost damage 

Frost damage is a risk to all houses left empty during the winter period due to possible pipe bursts and flooding. You are required to take reasonable precautions to prevent frost damage if you are away from the property for anything other than a very short period. If you are away for a more extended period, then you should contact Cavendish or the Landlord regarding more permanent arrangements. Christmas is a time when we often experience floods due to frost damage. If you are going away then do call us or your Landlord and we can advise you on frost prevention measures to put in place. Failure to carry out these precautions could make you liable for any damage as you will be in breach of your obligation to occupy the property in a ‘tenant-like’ manner.